Seo WordPress Plugin: Keyword Density Lsi Density Etc

I need you to program a wordpress plugin that does the following:

1) take a keyword (input field below the post/page) and
– compute the keyword density of that keyword in the text (has to give the same number as ezine-articles)
– check whether the keyword is in
* the title
* the first sentence
* the last sentence
* in an H1
* in an H2
* in an H3
* in at least one image ALT tag
* the anchor-text in a link to another page/post on the site.
– it has the option to automatically underline and/or bold and/or italicize the keyword
– it has the option to automatically add the keyword as an ALT tag to an image that does not have an ALT tag in a post/page
– also, for the given keyword, it can find the “related” keywords (at the bottom of any Google search page) and check how many of those are present in the post/page. (the listing of keywords “Searches related to…”)

the plugin then produces a “progress-meter” (or percentage display) showing the user how they’re doing for on-page optimization.

2) there are 2 pages (inside the wordpress control panel) where the user can see the overall “scores” for each of their posts for a particular keyword. The user can also quickly change the targeted keyword here and update the “score” by pressing a button.

this is the rough specification so I can get ideas of timeline/budget, the exact specification (what the UI looks like etc) will be done in a closed group of the 3 preferred bidders before selecting the final winner.

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