Basic Cms/membership Site

Need someone who can code a basic CMS/membership site with 3 types of members (i.e. Admin, User, Provider).

Phase 1 will start with the first page of the web app. It basically includes the following: header, footer (with dummy place holder links), user authentication, 3 rotating pictures (Flash unless client doesn’t have Flash reader installed, then javascript default), featured member area, and an affiliate advertising area. Need to incorporate Amember Pro ( It includes an affiliate management option combined with many other highly desirable features (e.g. using a clients Facebook account U/N & P/W to provide user data log in data).

So, the primary initial focus is with incorporating the user authentication system, Amember Pro, into the first page along withe the other items mentioned above & seen in the attachment. This should make more sense when you see the full description (or just by looking at the attachment). I will also send an updated slightly more complete ‘Phase 1’ description after the NDA is in place.

I appreciate any and all feedback. Please share your thoughts on any details above. I will provide more to help get started once work begins (i.e. the front page Adobe Illustrator file, Qcubed files, MySQL database, Amember Pro install files, if these are applicable & useful).

If you are an expert with (or have a good working knowledge of) Qcubed, that’s a plus, but not required. Another important requirement is security measures to be put in place (i.e. to prevent PHP injection, SQL injection, etc…).

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