Website Upgrade/clone Of Another Site

I am looking for help putting together a simple webpage for a small landscape architecture business. The main element is the project gallery.

The webpage would rely on a theme I like for the look of the webpage:, but will rely on my colors of red, grey, black, and maybe two shades of green and two of brown on the Home Page for the flash bars that move across with images.

Please note: This is the second time I’ve posted this project – this time I’m inviting the top programmers I’d like to work with (the first time I listed the project I did not do that and had too few responses to select a programmer). I would like to wrap this up and have it online no later than the end of December.

More detail:
I would be using that template, and modify it to have the following links:
1- ‘Profile’ link on the Boger site would change to ‘Passion’ link to a simple text page, I will provide copy from my current site. I’d like a sub-category for edible gardens (like Boger’s ‘green building’) with flash through images on each page and add a link to CV/resume PDF. I’d also like a sub-tab for ‘Sustainable Design.’
2- ‘Portfolio’ would change to ‘Project Gallery’ and be just one big gallery, with the bottom bar changing color to separate projects. I like the flash, but the bottom bar need not be so fancy with the small thumbnail pop-up. Just a bar with divisions by color for the different projects.
3- Contact would be a place with info listed about the business, as well as a form that emails me, to enter a request for a site visit (fields would be name, address, contact number, description of project, timeframe)
And at the bottom of the page, four buttons (again using the Boger site as the template):
4- link to ‘login’ for documents for clients that points to my documents page on google apps (or has a place for me to upload just pdf links)
5- ‘credit’ link (just info about who designed it and who took the photos)
6-‘legal’ link
7-blog link called ‘news’ (I’d like to have a blog that I can maintain using my wordpress or apple software.)
I will be using a current address but I want to revamp it with new images to the specifications above.
Images: I have a dropbox file with all the images for the different pages: several to scroll through for each link and a big folder of gallery images, separated by project in each folder. I would guess a total of 100 images for the gallery. There are an additional 5-7 images per link (except the legal and credit links).

Thank You for your time to review the project and bid on it.

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