Making A Video Course About Plr

i need someone that do me a video coures about how to creat a product from a plr ebook.(i can explain to you what is plr if you dont know)
the course must contain 5 video tutorials (5-10 min everyone)(the videos are screen caputer ..)
the video subject:
1. how to edit plr file– makink 2 plr ebook to one ebook and making it pdf.
(i will give you the 2 ebook in doc format if need)

2.edit the cover with gimp (or in another free shoftwer)

3. making a sell page with nvu (i will give a sell page format that the student need to lern how to edit it with the software)

4.uploading the sell page and “tanks you” page (i will give a ready one) to the host with c panel

5. open a vendor accound in clickbank

*all the right for the video will be mine.. and i can sell them..
*the video must be in a common format so its can see in every computer

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