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The Xxxx Hall website should ideally appeal to all groups listed below. While the Features section will contain detailed explanations about all desired features, we ask that any design incorporate the needs of the subsequent user groups in mind. Designs that employ a user-centric model based upon the target demographic below will be given preference.
1. Student member group leaders: Member group leaders coordinate the services, events, and actions of a body of 10 to 100 student volunteers at locations. Member group leaders will mainly want to know how to access and reserve Xxxx Hall resources, as well as create or link to the group website. The main Xxxx Hall website should also allow for leaders to create and edit subclasses of websites for their own group, whereas currently most groups use other resources to build and host their group webpages.

2. Students/volunteers: should be able to find and contact member groups and institutional programs which they are interested in joining, and be able to sign up for different regular newsletters that Xxxx Hall sends out.

3. Xxxx Hall team: The Xxxx Hall team should be allowed to access and edit the website on a macro-scale, and should have access to member group and institutional program information. This tiered access would allow, for instance, the Program Director and Student Co-Coordinators to access member group and program information, and the Publicity Coordinator to add and remove content about upcoming events. We are also aiming for a website that a Xxxx Hall Student Technology Fellow will be able to maintain and edit after the project goes online.

4. Alumni: For alumni who were involved with Xxxx Hall, the website should convey that Xxxx Hall continues to produce student leaders and involvement in the New Haven and global community. The underlying goal is to encourage alumni to donate and reconnect with Xxxx Hall.

5. Community members: Nonprofit leaders and community members should be able to find out what Xxxx Hall is and be directed to the contact information of the publicity coordinator. There should also be a way for Xxxx Hall to post pages with information about its community affiliate organizations. The website should serve to encourage collaboration and communication between community members/organizations and Xxxx Hall.


1. General design

• CMS Admin privileges – anything publically viewable on the website should be readily accessible and easily editable by the Xxxx Hall website manager
• Prominent display of Xxxx Hall logo
• Cross-browser compatibility
• Simplified design with minimal links – a gateway format with links for each of the target demographics above may be preferable
• Clean, user-friendly CMS such as WordPress or Drupal—MySQL based
• Cleaner, graphic orientated interface focusing on directing different audiences to information pertaining to them
• Linux hosting is preferable to Windows although we are willing to work with the developer on creating the optimal solution

2. Sub-websites

• Modify match.xxxxhall.org to have tiered admin access to allow student groups to update their respective tags, description, and contact info
• Allow for different groups to host customizable pages within the main xxxxhall.org website by means of a default wiki template
o Option to easily add different widgets including “newsletter” (see below), Google form/application embedding ¬¬
• Hierarchal user system allowing for different access privileges for student volunteers, member group leaders, network heads Executive Committee members, and the Xxxx Hall administrator
o Newsletter access privileges (see below) should be given to network heads and executive committee
• Allow for registered user commenting on different posts and pages
• Allow for open low-level registration to the website for everyone
o Spam filtering via CAPTCHA should be included to filter out spam bots

3. Forms and calendar

• Integration of “reservation forms to calendar” (with an approval system) application with which members can reserve cars or other events
• User-generated calendar featuring automatically updated events from user-generated content

4. Newsletter service

• Events and content uploaded by member groups should be addable to a newsletter template
• Template for newsletter should be readily accessible and editable by member group heads
• Easier interface for email subscription

5. Donation system (forwarded to treasurer)

• Alumni should be given the option to donate via a free secure online service
o An in-site donation service is preferable but a PayPal link is also possible
1. Executive Summary
2. Technical Aspects
a. Web Development process—milestones, evaluations
b. Standards & Usability testing
c. Any specific info—e.g. platform, languages, etc.
3. Management
a. Organizational structure—communications process, lines of reporting/tools used
b. Schedule—including major milestones and testing proposal
4. Attachments
a. Qualifications and experience—relevant case histories, info on accessing any online demos or examples
b. Brief info on those who will work on this project
c. Any professional references
5. Time-line.
6. Detailed cost breakdown
7. All the codes will be owned by purchaser.

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