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I need an existing WordPress theme to be coded so that it mimics the function of the site I have listed below. I have no need for any graphical work to be done but rather I would like the coding put into the theme so that the review portion of this site works the same.

It appears that the site uses a script called niceforms to allow users to write a review on various products. It is seperate from the wordpress comments function and that needs to remain intact. If you study the site below then you should see what I mean.

http:// jeepreviews. com is the URL.

If you review a typical product review, take note of the functionality that I would expect to be in place.

h ttp://www .jeepreviews. com/jeep-parts-reviews/209/warn-m8000-winch/

Notice the User Submitted photos…I would like that functionality.
Notice the Write a Review function….I would need that.
Notice the average ratings etc……Yes need it.
Notice the number of reviews….need it.
Notice the star ratings….yes please.
Notice no wordpress comment function on these posts, I agree. If they want to “comment” here then they need to use the Write Review function.

The write review function appears to be a niceforms script or something similar. I am not stuck on this script but it could save a lot of time. Open to other ideas.


SO to review….I need no graphic work done, just what is listed above. The theme I am going to use is a common theme written to XHTML certified standards…it’s Studiopress Church theme that will be the foundation. I can supply the theme for you to code with or you can code on my site.

This should be enough information to quote the job, it seems simple enough to me but feel free to ask questions if something is not clear.


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