Classified Site Cloning

I’m looking to get a clone of this site

Basically I’m need a script that would populate my site, in a nutshell: pull all the ads from the site, with price, pics, content and email and repost it on my site. The site you’ll be pulling content from is made using PHP and MySQL.

On my end I’d like to use IkiClassifieds (I already hold my own license), I’ve found is easy to use and fast to deliver, but if you have some other alternatives I’d be happy to hear about them as long as they allow me to do some proper management. If you’re familiar with IkiClassifieds, well, that’s a plus.

The script must be able to grab whatever new ads are posted on the site possibly using cron jobs, so every X amount of hours or minutes the script must grab new content from the source. The least amount of hits to the source server’s DB, the better. This is very important and it’s a must for successful completion.

A general overview on how do you think to pull this off will be greatly appreciated so we can devise a plan around it.

You’ll have to deliver all the source code involved so I can keep copies for my records. I don’t mind if you use it or sell it later, I just need copies for keep safe.

When selecting a programmer your rating, rank and experience will be taking into account, so please, bid only if you’re confident that you can finish the project. Payment will be made strictly through SL Escrow service and will be released as soon as the project is completed.

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