Codeigniter Iframing Integration

BUDGET: $250

:: List Codeigniter sites ONLY.
:: All bids that do not share codeigniter websites will be automatically rejected.

Payment is broken down into milestones, as each is completed uploaded to my server, tested and approved, money is released.

Server: Linux, Certos

Browsers: Windows IE & Mozilla, and Macintosh
:: Create CSS for each browser as per Page Flow


1. Build 12 pages sectioned into (a) and (b) below.
See LB1_Flow_2.jpg, no psd or html file will be supplied.
(a) Iframe existing live broadcast pages into new codeigniter site
:: See urls of pages to be iframed in jpg.
(b) Build new pages with functionalities as stated on jpgs. For example, on the 3rd party broadcast screen which is iframed, name and email as stated in jpg.
(c ) Members click “Join Broadcast”, need a popup saying “You are now leaving…”, so members know they are going to site outside our control.
(d) Take data entered in add event form to pass member to correct show screen.

2. Sync login, header (music, search, share script, translate) with main codeigniter site.
Meaning all work perfectly as they should.
(a) Before member can join broadcast validate member’s level, active subscription and age.
:: Setup form to do all validation needed prior to giving access to broadcast.
:: If a password was entered for show setup, take it from add event form and automatically pass it into box requiring login and log user in to watch show.

>>>> Not all members can access all shows – Integration codes and instructions will be provided. <<<<

(b) Extract member’s details – photo, first and last name, age, member’s id, email from membership site and pass that into the third party login.
(c) Develop a database and process to check if member is a guest presenter for a particular show. If yes, then auto check the Guest Presenter box on 3rd party site.
(d) When member clicks on login, redirects to main site login, but come bring member back to the page where the login was clicked.

3. Admin
(a) use existing admin template, syn and integrate Iframing site with Membership Module (main site).
(b) All content on front page should be manageable in Admin – jpgs to be provided.
(c) Show list of members that joined each broadcast and how long they stayed in a sortable table with filters.
(d) Develop interface to delete, update, manage and edit forms and pages as needed.

Thanks for your attention.

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