C++ College Project

Please read the project carefully & then bid.

Project :

I have a C++ class and I need someone to help me during the Test.
I can come online during the test period with my laptop, Email the quiestions & you should email them back immediately to me in a timely manner during test period. Which is long enough for a programmer to answer college level questions.
You will need to be able to write programs asked in the questions. and send them to my Email & also stay in touch with me on yahoo messenger at the same time.

I’ll put the money in the escrow, After I finished my test with “CORRECT” answers you’ll get paid from the escrow. If you dont come online or give wrong answers or send answers late, You wont get paid.

There will be 4-8 questions, mostly programming and coding. Questions are not really hard for a regular programmer , it’s a college class not that advanced.

My first exam is “TUESDAY NOVEMBER 23rd at 11:00 am Pacific time ( Los angeles time) “. you should come online on yahoo & email at the same time when I’m in exam.

If we finish this project successfully I’ll hire you for my Final & Semi-Final test too.

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