Graphic Designer Need To Create Promotional Banners / Button

I’m seeking a talented graphic designer that can create promotional banners / buttons of various sizes. Once you bid, I can provide pictures, slogans / wording etc to be used on the banners / buttons (and if you are feeling creative you can throw your own spins / alternatives in also). I am looking for something eye catching that stands out. I will need to see a portfolio of your work.

To give you an example of the quality / style I am looking for, I really like the banners / buttons found here:

Clean, crisp, eye catching. I’d like a mixture of animated and non animated (like on the site above).

All in all Im looking for a total of 48 banners / buttons with a variety of color schemes / themes. In the list below, half of each size listed should be animated and half non animated. The animated / non animated ones can be based off of each other’s theme / color scheme (or the exact same, just one without moving parents). The leaderboards / regular banners can be the exact same except scale the size of course. Same goes for the wide sky scrapers / sky scrapers, and medium rectangles / large rectangles / squares.

8 728 x 90 leader boards
8 468 x 60 regular banners
8 160 x 600 wide sky scrapers
8 120 x 600 sky scrapers
4 300 x 250 medium rectangles
4 336 x 280 large rectangles
4 250 x 250 squares
2 175 x 175 buttons
2 120 x 60 buttons

And one last thing, I’m looking for a Header (primary banner) for my website. I will show you my current banner / website upon winning the bidding, and just need it to look much better and mesh with my website.

if you have any questions, send to pmb. Also let me know how long it will take you to complete the project. Also dont forget to show portfolio of your work if its not in your profile. thanks

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