Simple Video Editing Job

This project is a simple video editing job.

You will take a video file, edit out a section, and then reverse it (so it plays backwards). After that, it should fade out (fade to black) over three seconds. The ‘fade out’ section should be added to the end of the video. Some frames will have to be copied from the very beginning of the video (after i’ts been cut and reversed) and added there (at the beginning).

The video file will begin with a black screen, and end with a screen that’s filled with light, which then fades out to black. The fading will be added to the video. It will be three ‘new’ seconds.

As the video begins, there are a few frames that show only a point of light. That section must be lengthened to 5 seconds (five seconds showing only a point of light).

The file is in WMV format, and is 1024×768 in size, with a bitrate of 1000 kbps.

You must not change the size, and you must not let it lose any resolution. Do not change the frame rate.

The final video must NOT be ‘choppy’ in any way. It must play without any pauses or stopping at all.

It must not – absolutly not – become blurry or pixelated at all.

The file is 35 seconds long, and the part I need is from 16.9 seconds to 35 seconds – 18.1 seconds.

After it’s reversed and faded out, it will begin with a black screen. The black section must be extended to last 2.5 seconds (added to the beginning after it’s cut and reversed). That means a few frames must be copied, and added to the beginning enough times to make the black screen section last 2.5 seconds.

As the video begins, there are a few frames that show only a point of light. That section must be lengthened to 5 seconds.

The final edited video will be 18.1 seconds. The additional ‘fade out’, will add 2.5 seconds, and the fade out will last 3 seconds. A point of light will show on the screen for 5 seconds. The total length will be 28.6 seconds.

This is a simple job for someone who is good at video editing.

The file is attached to this project, so you can see if your tools are up to the job.


1) cut out section of video.
2) reverse it.
3) add black frames at the beginning to equal 2.5 seconds.
4) add 5 seconds of a point of light, from a frame showing it early on in the video.
4) add frames at the end to fade to black.


Black screen at the beginning for 2.5 seconds.
Point of light for 5 seconds.
Screen fills with light.
3 second fade out (to black).

NOTE: I have posted projects in the past that got bids in the thousands of dollars, but were settled for just a few bucks. Please be competitive in your bidding.

No escrow for programmers who have no feedback, and please think before you say how long it will take you to do the job. I’ve been using scriptlance for several years, and I have learned that their guidelines are good to follow.

Prompt payment guaranteed. Check my feedback.

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