Mobile Monitoring System1

Mobile Monitoring System Requirements
First, technical analysis
Phone we generally divided into two categories, one is smart phones, that is, with OS (mobile phone operating system), and one is without the OS, the vast majority of mobile phones is a non-OS, the OS for mobile phones without us To add a new feature up, one way is to write code, one way is through the installation of J2ME program, due to the vast majority of mobile phones on the market support j2ME. Taking into account and cross-platform compatibility, which is why software developers use J2ME technology (not necessarily).
Second, the software installation:
The software via SMS (MMS) or other forms of auto-run the installation, requiring the user unconscious of the circumstances under which the installation, after you install, without leaving any trace and can be random start
3rd, the basic functional requirements
1 information-gathering: The monitoring of the phone after installing the software to automatically send text messages (MMS) to the software pre-configured phones, content is being monitored on the phone phone book, call records, text messages and so on. If necessary, you can be monitored at any time see the above on the phone.
4th, extending the functional requirements
2 monitor the surrounding environment: the user’s mobile phone boot (preferably a shutdown is also OK) cases, through remote activation of this software, you can hear the sounds around the mobile phone.
3 monitoring functions: real-time monitoring phone calls charged with content (or language recording) and receipt of text messages sent out.
4 Positioning function: to find the exact location of where the alleged cell phone (preferably a GPS satellite positioning, it can be a base station).
5 Auto-stealth, and traces of the elimination function: after you install the software automatically invisible, in the mobile phone or computer can not find this software, cell phone each time a controlled side action (for SMS, calls, and card-change) after the cell phone inside the controlled side program each time to send messages to the master side controlled by parties after the mobile phone can not have any marks.
Demand Note:
1, the software must be consciously under the user does not automatically install the
2, if too much is not easy to automatically install the software, information gathering function, monitoring function, position location can be divided into three independent module development, but each module can be used alone can also be combined.

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