Php Txtsql Debugging

I have a php, txtSQL based script that requires debugging. The script parse values dynamically to a php page through a file code.php that includes/calls for another php file -sales.php which I suspect may contain the error.

The sales.php file which is supposed to do some simple PHP equation, based on present price set + increment set after each sale that ends and stays at maximum price. It then parses the value to be shown on a php page I choose. This is done by drawing the amount from txtSQL tables.

Right now the ‘set to maximum’ price function seems not to be parsing the values correctly, i.e. it shows $0.00 no matter what amount I set it to.

I need a programmer to debug this to allow correct parsing of the values for max price too as the other part of the function is already working.

The programmer should be competent in PHP and txtSQL.

As I need this to be done urgently, the project should be completed in less than a day.

My max project budget is $10. I believe this should be a straight forward project and requires less than an hour or two for completion, but if you feel this should be a higher amount, please do bid your price for me to consider.


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