Discount Playing Cards – 10 Unique Content Descriptions


This job consists of 10 product descriptions we need 100% unique content on for a section of our poker site, and we are willing to pay $30.00 for this job. For someone that knows what they are doing this could be done in one night or two.

We’re paying $3.00 per description. Each description is only 250-300 words and must be unique content as mentioned before.

The section we will be starting with is Discount Playing Cards

So THIS job posting will consist of rewriting descriptions for the products you see on this section. You will use the name of the product twice within each description. If you have trouble coming up for ideas for content length I suggest you write a fake story around it, something like:

Me and my neighbors went to have a few drinks at the local pub, and we noticed the xxxx Slot Machine Bank on the wall. When I first saw it I noticed it had a xxxx.

Hopefully you get the idea. You must have fluent english skills and a history of positive feedback in the content writing area to qualify for this job. Finally I wanted to mention that all the technical details relating to each product must be added within each description (but rewritten) so our customers don’t get confused.

Finally make sure all files are delivered in text format and never mention the price in the descriptions because those are subject to change.

This job is just an entry level task in order for us to find a writer we are comfortable with and trust. Once we find you, there is a lot more work available in the future.

Best of luck.

Brian Garvin

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