WordPress Theme Customization

I am making a website for a family friend who teaches cooking and will be using the site to communicate with her students, post recipes, post videos, build a fan base, and to promote her cookbook. I am using the BigFeature theme purchased from ThemeForest.net and I need it to integrate with a plugin such as S2member where we have more control over what happens after the user logs in and so that users can only leave comments if they log in. Mainly we dont want people being directed to the default WP user profile page after logging in. We also want to encourage them to subscribe to our mailing list when they register. We will be using MailChimp.

Currently there is just dummy content and we are still trying to figure out how we want to lay it out. So the main thing we need help with right now is to properly integrate S2member and to create an ajax type of login at the top right corner of the header. Similar to: http://dev.primothemes.com/s2clean/

It doesnt seem like s2member comes with this as a widget yet.

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