Boonex Dophin Theme And Logo With Content

I need a theme for a social network created with th Boonex Dolphin software.

The color scheme should be two colors the most.
and some words in it.. The URL for site is
I want you to use the name First Class Updates

please be creative and create me something orginial.

This is what my Social Network will be like:
It should be a community where business and people would place detail information, pictures of changes in their life. Changes like, buying a car, buying a new house, getting married, a new job, enrolling in school, starting a business anything that can have significant changes in ones life. When they are done entering all this info, they would hit the share button and a link with a brief info would show up on their profile pages on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. The would be just like when a user share an Article from a news paper or something similar.

take a look at the attached doc for more info..

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