Travel Related Design Project – Icons Logo Website 2

For a new project i need a full design service.

We split the project in 3 Milestones :

1 Milestone

Create some travel related icons in 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128 and 256×256 pixels. PNG with transparent background.
I need as icon :
– travel plane (e.g. airbus),
– travel ship (e.g. aida, queen-mary),
– hotel,
– hotel with pool,
– island with palms,
– travel bus,
– travel train,
– appartment,
– car

I think the icons should be abstract, like the one from
Please extend this icon-set with the required icons.

Please use light and darks ones. (see also at iconspedia. There are a light and a dark iconset).

I need unlimited mockups for this.

2. Milestone

Create a travel related logo with a design that fits to the icons.
I will give you the name and slogan when you get the project.
The logo should be scalable. So you have to create it as vector image (SVG).
I also need 5-10 copies of this logo in different sizes as PNG-files with transparent background.

I also need some banners for the new site with the logo and same design as the icons.
I need : full banner, half banner, skyscraper, full button, half button (see wikipedia for sizes).

2. Milestone

I need a full featured new web-design, that fit’s to the logo and the icons.
The design must be for (you get the script after MS 1 and 2 are finished and i got a mockup of the new design).

I will split the project amount in 3 parts, each for a milestone.
Before you start the work for a milestone, i will upload this part as escrow payment.

All payment will only released if ALL milestones are finished.
If one milestone fails or i got some payment mails, the project will be canceled. There will be no part payments if the project isn’t fully finished.

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