Flash Advertisment For Bridal Show

We are an entertainment company that wishes to create a Flash advertisement to be shown on two 46in TVs at bridal shows. I can provide all the pictures and content, I would need you to animate it.

Here is what I am thinking,
Our logo comes up on screen, first the name Renowned, then the line under it, then Events and the three music notes appear. It fades off

The it comes up and says, professional Disc Jockeys, and the word Fun, Entaging, Classy along with three pictures all animated in some way…it fades off

Then Plush Lighting, Eligant Sophisticated, Vibrant, comes up with three pictures of our lighting It fades off

Then, Quick Pics Photo Booths comes on, Fun, Exciting & Unique come on the screen with three photo booth pictures…

Then it can go to a 4th screen that summarized it Disk Jockeys, Lighting, PhotoBooth and if those letters could morph into renowned events in some way, and then dis appear and the loop starts all back over

So? thats my idea, what do we think, can we do it?

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