Social Network Website Designer Implementing Boonex

1. Primary Objective: Create design and build a social network site using features of Boonex* and integrate Boonex with a customize design.

This is a revision to my post last week for an advanced social network website designer. At this point, I need someone who is skilled and experienced with working with social network packages such as Boonex to design and build a social network using features within Boonex.
Addition to the integration of Boonex, designer should have the ability to customize additional features and requests.

* PLEASE SEND 2-3 examples and no more than 5 that pertains to this project.
* PROVIDE A PRICE QUOTE for 1. Building the site using the Boonex features 2. Additional to quote #1 provide feature customization quote (would include customized and advanced search of the categories and information on the site).

visit to understand the product.

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