Six Articles – Native English Speaker

I need a native English speaker to write 6 professional articles to be submitted to : EzineArticles and Buzzle.
I have 4 keywords to focus on.
2 keywords can be included for each Ezine article, and Buzzle requires only 1 keyword per article.
Therefore, I will need 2 articles for Ezine and 4 for Buzzle.

If you don’t know these articles directories, they have quite strict guidelines for the articles;

– The articles must be unique.
– Have at least 500 words;
– Have the keywords in the article body but not flooding with them (at most 1.5% per keyword.. or as simple as having each keyword stated 3 times at most);
– Not talking about the website/business in the article, just general references about the niche;
– Most important keyword in title and in first phrase of the article
– Concise title. Few words long, and avoid bombastic tone like “best website”, “guaranteed advantages” and the kind of things that would be subjective and questionable.
– Also for the title – the title describes the coming article, and this must be an exact description. So not having a title stating “5 reasons for you to use this software”, and you only talk about 4 reasons there. So careful with the title.

Also, check out some of the approved articles on Ezine and Buzzle so you get a feel of the content etc.

The articles must be approved by these websites, they approve thousands of articles, so make sure the articles you write will be accepted too…

Thank you!

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