Flex – Red 5 Developer For Webcam Broadcasting


I need a flex developer who knows red 5 well or the new Adobe Cirrus technology.

I will need a broadcasting application.
Basically it will be like this;
– You sign up
– You sign in
– You press ‘Start broadcasting’
– You then created your broadcast room and you can share the URL to invite people. If the people you invite are not members, they will be called ‘Guest’. They need to sign up to be able to chat.
Guest will also only have 3 minutes of ‘view time’, they will need to sign in to be able to watch the broadcast more than 3 minutes.

– When you sign in, you can see the broadcasts of everybody, the amount of viewers, and a preview of the broadcaster, such as a snapshot taken from the broadcast.

– People will be able to deposit money in their account with PayPal, which will be converted to points. They will be used for future use on the website.


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