Faded Vision Corporate Portfolio Deeplink Template (Corporate/Business)

This template was created using the components of two different templates: 1.) “The Fade Template” and 2.) “Envision Template Ver 2”. By putting parts of those two templates together I was able to create a different template that can suit the needs of those looking for more of a “Corporate”, or “Business” style for their website.


  • All content is XML Driven with simple set up options
  • 2 Level Deeplinking Menu System
  • Mac MouseWheel Enabled Text Fields For SOME modules
  • Social Networking List with Dynamic Tooltip Description
  • HTML Enabled Text Fields … In EVERY module
  • CSS Styled Text Fields for Styling your Hyperlinks
  • Multi-song Mp3 Player that can be shut off at start up
  • Background can load multiple images and has a 12 Second Delay between images
  • Video Gallery with Fullscreen option turns music off when loaded
  • Demo Reel without fullscreen option turns music off when loaded
  • Contact form with Email Validation and Screen Mode Correction (goes back to normal screen mode when using contact form if site is in fullscreen mode )
  • Fullscreen option on bottom of website
  • All Colors Are Changeable Via Dynamic XML Options
  • Text rotator (home page in this preview) Can be customized to load text on the left or the right of the screen. Also loads images, and its text fields are html formatted.
  • Text Rotator can have its time delay set in the xml file for each text item
  • All content resizes or repositions when the stage (browser window) resizes
  • Sizes Optimized For 1024×768 Screen Resolution
  • Credits For Assets In This Template


  • Sky Loop by : Paweqq

  • Images used in this preview were purchased from http://fotolia.com

  • Puzzle by Dorde
  • >

  • Wild Ocean by Dorde
  • Elegant Displays by Dorde
  • White Paradise by Kramz
  • Thunder by Generator
  • Download Faded Vision Corporate Portfolio Deeplink Template (Corporate/Business)

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