XML Driven Season Greetings e-card (Holiday & e-Cards)

XML Driven Season Greetings e-card

This is an xml driven Season Greetings e-card, you can use this for Christmas, New Year, or any of your personalised greetings. The three liner texts are coming from xml which you can edit very easily to change it to your custom message. You can also play around by clicking on the star and opening up a panel where you can update the texts and see how your custom message would look like.

The e-card is accompanied with a snow effect (script controlled) on the background, where you can change the particle count, area of snow, size, and few other parameters.

So have it a go and send your friends your customised Christmas or New Year Greetings e-card

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Download XML Driven Season Greetings e-card (Holiday & e-Cards)

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