Creative banner rotator / slideshow with masking (Banner Rotators)

My latest file (XML accordion banner rotator with creative captions):

A proffessional creative AS3 XML banner rotator with captions and thumbs is an advanced image rotator which will enhance your webpage. Create unlimited number of captions with convenient caption engine. Captions can be rectangle, round rectangle, circle and elipse as a shape. Check them in preview!

5 different thumbs and image shapes applied via masking. Check thumbs and images itself in shape of circle, elipse, round rectangle, rectangle and square (some can be seen in preview).
Roundness strength of images can be set via XML . Simple change a few settings in XML and change images from rectangle to round, circular or elliptic shape.
Different glow and preloader colors to perfectly fit each image! Check many glows and preloader tags in preview.


  • Unlimited number of captions for each banner
  • Set background color, font (CSS styling) and transparecy for each caption
  • Different image shapes (rect, round rect, circle, elipse)
  • Different glow color for each image
  • Different preloader color for each image
  • Different thumbs shapes (rect, round rect, circle, elipse)
  • Different thumbs appearance (move or alpha or zoom)
  • Greyscale filter for images and thumbs
  • Full XML driven
  • Resizable
  • over 50 options
  • Detailed help in PDF

Unlimited numbers of CAPTIONS can be set for each banner. You can set colors, alpha and many text animations for each caption. Some can be seen in preview. There are 10 premade animations for text that you can use (some like rotation are shown in preview).

One intruiging feature is greyscale filter. It is possible to set strength of filter so you can get images with faded colors but are not greyscale yet.
You can set easings of each transition, buttons, caption animation and caption text animation via XML . You can test some combinations in preview. All easings that can be used via XML are in help file of banner rotator.
You can set whether URL opens in new or same window (via XML ).

parameters of BANNER ROTATOR changable via XML :

  • URL
  • image and thumb shape
  • transition for images and thumbs
  • time banner is shown
  • color and size of preloader
  • color of glow
  • strength of glow
  • time of tween (transition time)
  • exact position of banner on the stage
  • color, alpha, position and font color of each text holder (XML + CSS )
  • size of banner rotator
  • caption easing
  • caption animation
  • caption delay
  • caption background color
  • caption background alpha
  • fonts




Please note that images used in preview are NOT included in the files for download. They were bought from Fotolia and Shutterstock for preview purposes only

My banner rotators:

Other files:

Banner rotator FAQ :

1. How to embed banner rotator to web page?

Add following code:

<object height="400" width="550">
<param name="movie" value="somefilename.swf" />
<embed src="somefilename.swf" height="400" width="550">

2. How to add banner / logotip to banner rotator?

<item imagevisible="true" tweentime="2" url="" greyscalefilterstrength="0" type="jpg" greyscalefilter="false" path="1.jpg" speed="10000" openin="_self" imageclickable="true" tweentimein="2" />

Caption adding is explained in help file.

Add code above to the end of XML file.

3. How to change easing of banner rotator?

– Change value of easingIn to get different easing for part of tween that shows the banner and easingOut to change the easing of tween that hides the banner. That is easing for image animation.

– Change value of easingInForButtons and easingOutForButtons to change easing of how buttons appear on stage.

– Change value of easingInForHolder and easingOutForHolder to change easings of how button holder appears on stage

– Change value of captionEasingIn to set easings of captions

– Change value of captionEasingTextAnimationEffect to change easing of split text animation

Captions are explained in help also.

4. How to change transition type of banner rotator?

Change value of transitionType to the desired transition. You have three possibilities:
blur, alpha, rotationxyz. Note that you have unlimited possibilities in rotationxyz by setting different values to transitionX, transitionY and transitionZ.

5. How to change position of banner?

Change values positionX and positionY in XML to get the exact position of banner rotator.

6. How to set show time of banner rotator.

Set parameter speed to desired length (value is in miliseconds).

7. What to do if I get error “Access of possibly undefined property rotationY”

In your flash go to file/publish settings then choose flash tag and set player in which you export your SWF ’s to 10 instead of 9.

8. How to change color of buttons?

Change field buttonColor to the color you wish buttons to be. Color is in hexadecimal format (like FFFFFF for white).

9. Need more help?

Contact me via email to get more help concerning this banner rotator.


Download Creative banner rotator / slideshow with masking (Banner Rotators)

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