Three 3D Christmas Cards (Holiday & e-Cards)

First of all Merry Christmas

This component is a series of 3D cards with 3 different characters for each card. Since Christmas is almost here they can be sent to friends, family and work colleagues. The three characters are a snowman, santa clause / father christmas and a reindeer much like Rudolph the red nose reindeer

Setup in 5 minutes:
There is no need to even open Flash to use these cards. All that is required is replacing some images and editing and XML file.

3D made available by Papervision3D.

Editable imagery:
All the materials of the cards are loaded from file. By default PNG files are used however it also supports JPG and GIF

HTML text support:
The text field on the back of the card supports some basic HTML tags which will allow users to make their Christmas message look appealing to the viewers:
< b> – Bold
< u> – Underline
< i> – Italics
< a> – Anchor
< br /> – Break
< p> – Paragraph

Logo insertion by just changing a single file:
An image place holder is used for displaying a logo or any graphic defined by the user, however, if the user wishes not to have a logo in the card the file just requires deletion

Download Three 3D Christmas Cards (Holiday & e-Cards)

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