Black Jack – Master 3 in 1 (C2, C3, HTML5) Game. (Games)

Monkey Jump, the poor little monkey is in trouble and only you are able to help him.
Try to guide the small animal through the danger zone so that it can safely return home.
Collect the bananas to score the highest score in the table.

Watch out for every outdated achievement, to make sure the circular saw will not appear in front of you.

Touch or Mouse.

(?) – Done with construct2.
(?) – Easy to edit.
(?) – Easy to export to Android and IOs.
(?) – Code commented.
(?) – You do not need programming knowledge to edit.
(?) – Touch, mouse supported.
(?) – Documentation included (index.html).
(?) – Files included as (.capx, .html, .png, .m4a, .ogg).
(?) – 24-hour support.

- Black Jack
- Roulette.
- Gift.

Download Black Jack – Master 3 in 1 (C2, C3, HTML5) Game. (Games)

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