php Password Protector – PHP Login System (Miscellaneous)

php Password Protector allows you to protect your PHP pages with a secure login form requiring username and password!

php Password Protector does not require a database in order to work and gets configured in two minutes! You don’t need to be a PHP expert in order to protect your personal pages! Simply include this script in every page you want to protect and let it to do all the job!

With php Password Protector you can have a multiple-user access (everyone with a different password) and a multilevel access. This means that every user will have a password and an access level choosen by you. You can allow some users to view particular pages that users with a lower access level can not view! If you don’t want to use this system, simply avoid to limit the access and every logged-in user will gain access to your protected pages!

You can choose to set your password as plain text or as an SHA1 hash (more secure and privacy-protecting).

You can put the php Password Protector login form in every HTML structure, without limitations. php Password Protector will generate all the links to your login/logout and home page on your behalf, wherever they are.

Main functions:

  • Easy and fast configuration
  • No need to be a PHP expert
  • No database required
  • Single-page class, easy to integrate
  • Multi user support
  • Save user logins in a log file with username and date/time
  • Remember me functionality
  • Different access levels support
  • Protection against bruteforce attacks
  • Strong password encryption with SHA1 (you can even use plain text, if you prefer)
  • Easy login with a sequence of keys instead of the password (es “arrow up, arrow down, arrow down, arrow left, arrow right”)
  • Self-generated links to your home page and login/logout pages
  • Logged-in user infos available everywhere (username and user level)
  • Different built-in error messages. The user will see different messages (you can personalize them as you want) depending of what error occurred (user not logged, low-level permission, user logged out due to inactivity…)

Download php Password Protector – PHP Login System (Miscellaneous)

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