On-site shipment tracking for Magento (Magento Extensions)

Return you customers back to the shop to show where their package is and benefit from returning customers.

Packpin shipment tracking extension enables customer track the item directly in the shop and extend customer journey while the product is being shipped.
Provide you customer shipment process in a different way and benefit from returning customer.

Support for 50+ carrier companies worldwide. 

– Automatically track all the shipments in one place.
– We will auto-detect your carrier and display the results in a user friendly way.
– Shipment tracking button in shipment email.
– Tracking button in customer order.

Easy 10 minutes installation. Simply download extension and follow installation instructions bellow:

  1. Download Packpin on-site tracking extension for Magento.
  2. On the top menu choose “System” >> “Magento Connect” >> “Magento connect manager”.
  3. On opened page find place with heading “Install New Extension” and paste copied code into text field and click “Install”. 
  4. A table with ready to install extensions should appear. Click button “Proceed” just bellow the table. Installation will run automatically and will be done in few seconds.
  5. Refresh page and Packpin extension will be at the bottom of all installed extensions list on the “Magento connect manager” page.
  6. Extension is ready and only needs activation. 
  7. For new extension to work properly, please, log out from administration page and login again.
  8. Go to administration page of the shop, choose “System”>> “Configuration”. 
  9. On the left side menu find Packpin Settings. Enter Packpin API key and change status to “Enable”. Click “Save Config”. Extension is now installed and ready.


How to get tracking API key

  1. Sign up at panel.packpin.com
  2. Choose in the left menu “API keys”
  3. Generate new API key or choose from existing ones.
  4. Copy API key and paste it on Magento Packpin configuration page. 
  5. Save Config and Packpin extension is ready for you.

Download On-site shipment tracking for Magento (Magento Extensions)

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