Circle Rush (Games)

Circle Rush is a beautiful, simple and fun game that will make you play for hours.
Easy to pick up, hard to master.

This is the original Circle Rush that has over 30000 downloads and about 1 million unique games played!
This is the full source code, including images, sounds and the .apk file.
Circle Rush is over 2 months old, so it’s completely optimised and bugfree.

• A brilliant and completely new idea
• Playable on ALL android devices with advanced scaling systems
• Beautiful design
• Optimised and bugfree
• A 1v1 offline multiplayer
• Integration with Facebook and Google Play Games.
• Fully operational ads
• Sounds

The source code is created with Corona, and written in Lua.
Corona is free and can distribute to all mobile platforms: Android, Apple, Windows.

CodeCanyon doesn’t allow me to select the right file types (.lua files), but they are included.

Download Circle Rush (Games)

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