MK Advanced Articles – for Joomla! articles (Joomla)

MK Advanced Articles

One module, multiple styles for your Joomla! articles

MK Advanced Articles is a Joomla! module to display your articles in 8 different styles. Write your content, MK Advanced Articles will care of it. Only one multi purpose module and you get:

  • Slideshow
  • Carousel
  • Portfolio
  • Gallery
  • … and sure, articles list

How does it work?

Since Joomla! is a CMS, articles are the 90% of your website. MK Advanced Articles use articles as source (based on the original version of the articles category module) and you decide how to design the output.

Step 1: the source

Choose the source of your articles. It’s easy, multiple choices for everything you need:

  • Choose source category (or more than one)
  • Choose if show or not featured articles… or just them!
  • Choose how many articles to show, or just show all!
  • Filter articles by:
    • Date
    • Author
  • Order article by: ID, title, created date and more… ascending or descending

Step 2: display options

Each article got many fields. You can set up your module to show title, intro text, intro image, author, category, date, format date, number of views and read more button. Simply use your fantasy to set up all for the best result!

Step 3: design options

Here we go, choose among 8 different styles and configure them with the available options:

  • 1. Simple
  • 2. Blog
  • 3. Postcard
  • 4. Hover
  • 5. Timeline
  • 6. Carousel
  • 7. Masonry
  • 8. Grid

Step 4: bootstrap options

Some styles, like “simple”, use bootstrap to display articles boxed inside rows. You can easy set up all the options through the customized administrator style of the MK Advanced Articles module. It has been reworked for an easiest comprehension of the parameters.

If your template does not use bootstrap you can load the libraries from the module, or simply choose bootstrap version used on your template. Then decide how many articles show per row, based on the kind of device: extra small, small, medium or larger.

Current version is v1.0

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