ScriptBay GEO – Geo Target eBay Search Script (PHP Scripts)

GEO Target Script for the Ebay Affiliate Program
ScriptBay GEO is the Ultimate Tool, created specifically to be able to monetize, the traffic and sales from eBay, generated by this unique and powerful script.

ScriptBay GEO include one exclusive “gentle” redirect of the Users via Browser language to the eBay market of reference; by “gentle”, means that you do not impose strict conditions of use and navigation, as happens with Geotargeting via IP.
This kind of system, has several negative factors; among which preclude the Users navigation, to sections not related with the geographic origin or the inaccurate language.

With ScriptBay GEO, all visitors and any time, can change eBay market (19!) and search for objects in other countries!

Example: if it is determined the geographical position of one User from Canada and the French language, the script will direct the visitor on the page of the search for eBay Canada, translated in french.

ScriptBay GEO: 19 Wordwide Markets, Translation in 8 languages
ScriptBay Geo also target visitors to the translated pages of search:

English, Spanish, Polish, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Malay, and includes several translations for multilingual countries such as Belgium or Switzerland, making the navigation simple and increasing the confidence of Visitors. There is also the possibility to change, and quickly, the default objects to display, which may be totally different, for each eBay market.

Example: you can show cars on eBay US, wine on eBay Italy, etc.

worldwide currencies
The various eBay markets, displaying objects listed at that market, and the prices are displayed in the currency of the country of reference.

Example: eBay UK prices will be displayed in GBP, eBay Australia in Australian Dollars, eBay Netherlands in Euro, etc.

Modern Design with Infinite Scroll visualization, big images preview list and easy to use for everyone.
With ScriptBay GEO your Visitors can search for any type of object, which is present in the eBay auctions around the World!
And on each object that will be sold via your links, you will generate revenue!


  • Geo Targeting via Browser language
  • Research and redirects on all eBay Markets
  • Multi pages translated into 8 languages
  • Objects with currencies of the countries
  • ONLY 1 FILE to configure!
  • Generate earnings from the eBay Affiliate Program (EPN)
  • Receive income from any type of item sold
  • Importing Real-time items via eBay API
  • Applicable on any website (does not require Database)
  • Code extremely lightweight and SEO optimized
  • Base PHP / JQuery / JS
  • Valid code standard PHP 5
  • Hight Resolution images previews
  • Easy to install and supplied with htaccess file
  • Modern design, easy to use and customizable
  • Infinite scroll style items and Po pup images in HQ
  • Pop up multi image and Slide show integrated
  • Advanced Search of any kind by keywords
  • Search Items for Seller ID
  • Time stamp of the remaining time, direct link to the auction page
  • Importing Seller Data, Seller rating, location, number of bids
  • Total customization of the search parameters and Currency
  • Default load Auctions from Keyword or Seller ID
  • Default listing items wit BIN – Buy it Now (increase your sales of the 30%)
  • LazyLoad plugin for save browser memory and increase speed of loading
  • Pinterest share button on all the previews
  • ONLY ONE FILE to configure with one simple text editor, SEO optimized code and htaccess file included to increase the performance of ScriptBay (only apache servers).

    The eBay affiliate program is considerably lucrative. It ’s not always easy to make money with banners and links: ScriptBay is the real solution! Once you configured everthing, you can sit down, relax, run your website on auto-pilot and even make money! You can also share EVERY Item on Pinterest with your personal EPN ID, and receive tons of traffic for your Auctions!

    • PHP >= 5.3.7
    • CURL module active
    • FTP access to Your Web Space
    • Apache mod_deflate (Optional)
    • Apache mod_rewrite (Optional)

    Problems to configure Your new Script? Questions?
    We are avaiable 24/7 for help you to get the best from your ScriptBay script. Send us a message or Sign up to the Support Forum.

Download ScriptBay GEO – Geo Target eBay Search Script (PHP Scripts)

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