Four Letters (Games)

Four Letters

FOUR LETTERS is the endless four letters combination word puzzle game. We give you four letters, and you make a word as quickly as you can. Once time runs out, have another go! Keep making words to increase your score.


  • Universal ( iPhone, iPod, iPad )
  • iPhone 4 / iPhone 5 Supported ( It means 3.5 inches and 4 inches iOS Devices , iPod,iPhone )
  • Developed by cocos2d with Objective C
  • Game Center Supported
  • In-App Purchase
  • Chart boost network added
  • Music/sounds Included
  • Full game and ready to upload and sell


Integrated Chart Boost, AdMob

In-App Purchase

You can remove add with In-App Purchase

Add Levels Or Words

Open the GameEngine.m file and assign a NSString* listedImgArr[] = { "bear-bare-brae", “much-chum”, "moss-soms", ” YOUR WORD 1 – YOUR WORD 2 “} < Assign your word like this. And you must add at least two combination words.

#define Total_Words 94 // Give a total of words or count of listedImgArr[]. Example above count is 3.

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