PHP Secure Contact and Newsletter Form (Forms)


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PHP Secure Contact and Newsletter Form is easy to install and also easy to manage with Admin panel feature. Script also easily integrate in current PHP page. Script have Admin Panel Feature having 3 users role with different credentials.

Compatible : PHP Version 5.1 and above


Admin panel authentication

username : [email protected]
password : 123456789
username : [email protected]
password : 123456789
username : [email protected]
password : 123456789

Script Installation using Video

Script Installation Video Guide – Click Here…


Main Features :

  • Easy Installation wizard. Extensive documentation
  • New : Code Secured from common web security vulnerabilities (i.e. BRUTE FORCE, SQL INJECTION, XSS, CSRF attacks)
  • Very easy to integrate into any existing PHP project or page on your website
  • Antispam captcha integration from Google reCAPTCHA
  • Admin Panel feature with multi user functionality with 3 different access role
  • W3C Valid HTML5 responsive design
  • Mail SEND options available like send through SMTP or Simple Mail
  • Use PHP MAILER the world’s most popular code for sending email from PHP
  • FORM and DATA Validation from Server side
  • Implement IP2LOCATION finder database for auto Location, Timezone
  • Google Map auto location script included in both Contact and Newsletter form
  • & much more…

Contact Form Features :

  • Secure from spammers
  • Error and success message
  • Easily trace using Auto location detection with City, State, Country and IP address too.
  • Success mail send feature
  • & much more…

Newsletter Form Features :

  • Secure from spammers
  • Error and success message
  • Easily trace using Auto location detection with City, State, Country and IP address too.
  • Subscription with muli-group functionality
  • NEW : Double OPT Email Verification
  • NEW : QRCODE Verification
  • Success mail send feature
  • NEW : Update subscriber subscription preferences with full of security using mail
  • NEW : Success mail send for both new subscription and update subscription
  • Unsubscription feature with success mail functionality
  • & much more…

Admin Panel Features :

  • Quick start first time Installation wizard
  • All the script basic settings done through Admin Panel Like,
    • reCAPTCHA authentication setting
    • Email option setting (i.e. SMTP, Simple mail)
    • Owner login credentials setting
    • Company profile change
    • User Session time management
  • User creation with 2 different role.
  • Change password and forgot password for all the users
  • Anti Spammers login feature
  • New Contact and Newsletter subscription Notification
  • Newsletter Group creation
  • Attractive Dashboard
  • Sepertate Contact mail send feature (i.e. Contact response facility)
  • Newsletter Group email send feature
  • View and record all the sended email history per contact wise
  • View and edit seperate contact
  • Search functionality for both contact and newsletter
  • & much more…

Download PHP Secure Contact and Newsletter Form (Forms)

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