Hover Effects Builder – WordPress Plugin (Add-ons)

With Hover Effects Builder you are able to:

  • Apply CSS3 hover effects to the images on your website without any CSS coding knowledge.
  • Assign any of predefined effects to featured images for standard and custom post formats.
  • Create your own hover effects with unlimited variations of styles and colors in our Editor.
  • Combine different effects to create unique animation hover effects.
  • Apply fully customizable shortcode to any image in WordPress Post/Page Editor.

Features List

  • 60 default hover effect templates (fully editable);
  • Fully customizable Shortcode;
  • Simple API integration into your WordPress theme;
  • Build-in Editor;
  • Social Share Buttons;
  • Overlay, Hover Buttons styling;
  • Overlay Content styling and typography (title, excerpt, categories);
  • Customizable background and foreground colors;
  • Overlay opacity;
  • Image Animation Effects:
  • 2D/3D Rotation Effect, Flip;
  • Scaling, Zoom in/out;
  • Overlay/Hover Buttons/Overlay Content Animation Effects:
  • 2D/3D Rotation effect, Flip;
  • Scaling, Zoom in/out;
  • Fading/Sliding;
  • Help documentation;
  • Free support.


Download Hover Effects Builder – WordPress Plugin (Add-ons)

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