Dont (Games)


be in the circle, go out the circle, again back to the circle …. like this : Don’t Don’t Don’t



  • Universal ( iPhone, iPod, iPad )
  • iPhone 4 / iPhone 5 / iPhone 6 & 6+ Supported
  • Game Center Supported
  • Local scores
  • Rate button
  • In-App Purchase
  • PSD files included / Layer Mode
  • Music/Sounds Included
  • Sharing score on Facebook,Twitter
  • Full game and ready to upload and sell
  • Full support through the comments with screenshots and videos If It needs!


My customers always ask me

  • I need documentation to setup the game! LEO : there is nothing hard to setup, there is a file named Defined.h, when you open that, you will see these lines! and you need to change them to your own settings! THAT’S IT!
    #define k_game_center_domain @"YOUR-GAME-CENTER-DOMAIN" 
    #define k_adMob_ID @"YOUR-ADMOB-SING" 
    #define k_remove_ADS @"IN-APP PURCHASE-DOMING" 
    #define k_chartboost_id @"YOUR-CHARTBOOST-ID" 
    #define k_chartboost_sign @"YOUR-CHARTBOOST-SIGN" 

  • Documentation for reskin! LEO : reskin doesn’t need documentation, open the images which have been included to the project in a editing image (like photoshop or gimp) then change it to your own!




Always my customers ask “Do I have to change the graphics and re-skin?” the Answer is no! you don’t have to! you can use the default graphic without any changes and upload that on the Appstore! It is optional, if you would another graphics!

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