BuddyPress for Visual Composer (Add-ons)

Visual Composer for BuddyPress is a plugin that helps you add some amazing shortcodes of BuddyPress, integrated inside Visual Composer! Now your social integrated web site editing is getting better and easier with that plugin.

To use the plugin, you just have to create a New Page, load the backe end Visua Compoer editor and use any of the following shortcodes.

Displays a specific member – [bc_member]
Displays members with or without avatars – [bc_members]
Displays the latest notifications from the currently logged in user – [bc_notifications]
Displays a specific group – [bc_group]
Displays groups with or without avatars – [bc_groups]
Displays users for a given group – [bc_group_users]
Displays the groups of the currently logged in user or the groups of the member profile currently being viewed if dynamic option is on – [bc_user_groups]
Restrict post content to group members – [bc_restrict_gm]
Displays the latest messages from the currently logged in user – [bc_messages]
Shows the latest activities for a given type – [bc_activity]
Display the buddypress registration form – [bc_register]

Initial Release

Download BuddyPress for Visual Composer (Add-ons)

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