Related Products (Prestashop)

This simple implementation module allows you to make combination products based on your defined rules.

So you can push your products according to your requirements to suggest them to your customers to complete their orders (cross selling).

Related products will be displayed:
– on the home page and / or on the order page
– on the viewed page product
– in columns

A – Associations

The objective is to provide products to customers based on several criteria.
Associations are multiple and operate on the basis of a rule of selecting and displaying related products.
This module is compatible with multi-store mode versions 1.5 and 1.6 of PrestaShop.

B – Selection rule

The rule selection is carried out according to:
– that consults the customer (product, products already seen)
– customer cart
– orders already placed

C – Reference products

When you build an association, you must choose the reference products which may be taken depending on the selection rules.
Products references can be:
– all products of a category
– a specific product
– a product set on the basis of keywords

You can also ignore the reference product by choosing a systematic display.

D – Products to display

When an association corresponds to the selection rule, the products associated with the reference products will then be selected for display.
Products to be displayed can be:

- all products of a category
- a specific product
- a product set on the basis of keywords
- accessories of the reference product

E – For display, several possibilities :
– Displaying the related products to customers on homepage, in columns, order page and / or product page.
– Set the order displaying products.
– Choose product image type to use.
– Displaying products in list or thumbnail.
– Displaying or not the price of the product.
– Show or not the button “Add to cart”.
– Show or hide the title and description product for the thumbnails mode.
– Set specifics title and / or description for the product (optional).

For experts, you can customize the display of the module directly from the backoffice.

F – What else ?
– Use mode test to try your configuration without customers impacts.
– Access to additional products directly in backoffice menu (only for Prestashop >=
– Management of large product databases.

G – Demonstration :

Prestashop 1.6.xx :
Frontoffice :
Backoffice :

Prestashop 1.5.xx :
Frontoffice :
Backoffice :

Prestashop 1.4.xx :
Frontoffice :
Backoffice :

Access for all shops :
Login : [email protected]
Pwd : demodemo

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