– Premium URL Shortener (Miscellaneous)


  • No Installation Required – This script does not require any kind of installation, just upload the files to your server and you’re ready to go
  • No Database Required – No need for an external database (such as MySQL).
  • Lightning Fast – Due to the fact that no external database is used, loading times are extremely fast
  • Multi-Language – Translate the system into your language
  • Fully Responsive – The script looks good on all screen sizes
  • Ad Slots (Custom Size) – Earn money by displaying ads to your users. Additionally you can configure the script so you do not see any ads, only the users will. Ads can be disabled globally as well.
  • SEO Optimized – Get higher rankings in search engines
  • Flat-file based – uses a flat file database of its own
  • Bot Protection – Users can only shorten an url once every 30 seconds

Download – Premium URL Shortener (Miscellaneous)

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