CrypTHOR – Advanced Encryption Software (Windows)

CrypTHOR it’s a Multi Algorithm/Hash encryption solution created for any kind of person looking for a simple yet powerful security alternative for file and text encryption.

With CrypTHOR you will be able to safely encrypt your texts before send them through unreliable channels or even to your associates via email making the message unreadable to unwanted persons. It’s is also the perfect choice for those looking to encrypt files of ANY type being proved already with most common extensions such as PDF , DOC, EXE , XLSX, TXT , MP3, AVI , etc.

It has a built in Algorithm/Hash engine that made the encryption more powerful than ever, it combine one more safety lock by including “Keywords” on every operation.
Check your files before opening them by verifying the original Checksum and decrease the chance of being target of malware nesting onto your downloaded files.

It has a hasher so you can easily convert text to common hashes.
Included algorithms are: Blow Fish, Cast 128, Cast 256, DES , 3 DES , ICE, Thin ICE , ICE 2, IDEA , Mars, Misty 1, RC2 , RC4, RC5 , RC6, Rijndael, SerPent, TEA and Two Fish.

And hashs included are: Haval, MD4 , MD5, RMD 128 , RMD 160, SHA 1 , SHA 256, SHA 384 , SHA 512 and Tiger.
Don’t miss the chance to get CrypTHOR, your privacy’s best friend.

Download CrypTHOR – Advanced Encryption Software (Windows)

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