Customer-friendly Download Login (Loaders and Uploaders)

You are a graphics designer, a programmer or anybody else who has to distribute files to his customers? Then Customer-friendly Download Login is right for you. It doesn’t need a database, so the setup ist very easy, just upload the files and be sure the PHP script has writing access.
A new user is created within two clicks, then you’re ready to upload your files – either via the built in admin interface or via FTP directly to the user’s directory. Now tell your client his username / password and he can start downloading his files. And only his! Because the download is handled via a PHP script, he will not be able to access the files of any other user.

And in case you don’t want to use the admin interface (e.g. security reasons – as an admin you can change everyone’s password) – you can set up a user via FTP , too. Just create a directory with the users name and put a file “data.txt” with the md5-encrypted password (generator included) inside. That’s it!

Live Demo

To login to the live demo, use this username / password:

  • admin / admin (Admin Interface)
  • Bob / pass (Regular User)

Future improvements

We are always improving our Customer-friendly Download Login, here are only a few of the ideas we might include soon:

  • Cookie based login
  • Drag’n’Drop file uploads
  • make the script completely AJAX -powered so the site will only load once

Download Customer-friendly Download Login (Loaders and Uploaders)

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