Custom Post Widget – WordPress Premium Plugin (Widgets)

Show your popular, most commented, recent, tag based, category based, or any else custom post to a widget. Widgets come with highly-customizable control panels. Easy to use and support multiwidget even in the same sidebar.

Features – Widget options

The widget support multiwidget or multi-instance, so you can use multiple widget even in one sidebar widget area.
Do not need to re-upload images or using another plugin for re-generating the thumbnail.

  • Post Number
  • Post Query Popular post, related, recent, multi-tag based, multi-category or taxonomy based.
  • Post Term(s)
  • Show comments number
  • Before Comments
  • After Comments
  • Thumbnail Height
  • Thumbnail Width
  • Intro text & Outro text, if you want to add additional text or HTML .
  • Custom Style & Script if you want to add additional CSS style or javascript per widget ID.

Installing Plugin

From the Administration Panels, click on the Plugin tab.
Once you have uploaded the plugin to your WordPress plugin directory, activate it from the Plugins Management page.

Change the plugin cache directoy permission chmod to 777 from your FTP client or hosting panel.

Using Plugin

Goto the Widget tab of the Appearance section, drag the widget to your available widget area and configure the widget.

Uninstalling Plugins

To remove this plugin, make sure the plugin is deactivated from the Plugins panel. Go to your website’s wp-content/plugins folder (usually with an FTP program) and look for the file name zTwitter. Select the file name and delete it.

If your WordPress installation is on your hard drive, open the wp-content/plugins folder and find this plugin file name, select it and delete it.

Sources and Credits

Timthumb by Ben Gillbanks, originally created by Tim McDaniels and Darren Hoyt.

Change Log

1.0. Initial release

Download Custom Post Widget – WordPress Premium Plugin (Widgets)

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