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This is a simple and useful store locator, with three steps you have configured the program, simply open the sample file to understand how simply import it into your web page.

This program relies on Google API V3 that means you need no key, you’re all set.

You can really set every thing so you can include into your own web site, easy and quick.

What i can do:

1. You can set your default map view

2. You can manage all your store from backend with reserved area

3. You can set a single image for every store

4. You can set a default image icon for every store

5. You can search your store

All with three installation step


1. MySQL Database

2. Username, Password, Address of MySQL Database

3. Know how to make a copy and paste


1. Set database configuration into “mrj_maps/config/database/”

2. Set login access into “mrj_maps/config/login/”

3. Set all permission on directory “mrj_maps/download” stored here are the pictures

If you want to have a good documentation read DOC .txt or doc.html that doc it’s really easy, step by step, everyone can set up own map

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