jTour – Website Tour Engine (Miscellaneous)

jTour is a professional, multipage website tour engine built using jQuery. It provides a clean and simple way to show users around your website and is really easy to configure – tours can even span multiple pages!

You can have multiple tours on the same page (though only one running at once), the message box is 100% customizable through CSS classes, and you can autostart the tour when the page is loaded or embed a hyperlink in the page to begin – it’s your choice!

jTour requires jQuery 1.3 or greater as well as the jQuery scrollTo plugin.

jTour is compatible with all major browsers, including: IE7 , IE8, IE9 +, Firefox 2.0 – 5.0+, Chrome, Safari 4-5+, Opera 10+. jTour does work in IE6 , but it will require some different styling (IE6 styles are not included).

Download jTour – Website Tour Engine (Miscellaneous)

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