Universal Grid (Custom Controls)

This javascript class allows you to draw a table in your app. This table consists of rows and columns, and each cell can contain one or more labels, which are arranged vertically. You can define the height, alignment, font, color and background color of each label, the background color of each cell and the number of columns and rows. While the rows can be scrolled vertically, a fixed header will allways stay on the top. Furthermore you can register an event handler that is called, when a cell is clicked.

Universal Grid runs both on Android and on iOS devices. It supports every display resolution and every screen orientation. You can use it for example as a calendar grid, a spreadsheet or a scoresheet. There is a demo app, which shows you how to use it and a documentation of the grid and the demo app. The demo app and the grid has been tested on android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0 and on iOS 4.3 (but older version should work as well). Titanium 1.7.1 is required.

Limitations: Universal Grid is build on a tableview and can therefore only be scrolled vertical. This means, that all columns must fit on the screen. The performance can vary depending on the power of the device. You can download an android demo app if you are in doubt. An iPhone app will be released soon.

Universal Grid supports Trace for Titanium (sold separatly).

Download Universal Grid (Custom Controls)

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