Universal PHP Admin (Miscellaneous)

Universal PHP Admin is a php script that is created to manage any type of php application or website. It provides a flexible backend that can be easily customized to manage a blog, a gallery, a poll e.t.c. It comes with its own user authentication system that allows for granular management of the access that the users have to the backend. With this script you will not have to keep creating backends for every php project from scratch.

  • Create a backend for any PHP application in minutes
  • Easy to configure
  • Integrated user authentication system
  • Easy to add your own validation and actions
  1. Unzip the package.
  2. Upload the folder named “universal_admin” to you server
  3. Install Universal Admin’s database schema into your database. It is in the folder you has just uploaded and it is named “universal.sql”
  4. Open the includes/settings.php. Change the information for your database and domain and other settings
  5. Navigate to the install.php file to create the first admin account.
  6. Delete the install.php file and then navigate to the login.php file.

14/11/10 – v2.1
-Main public release

Download Universal PHP Admin (Miscellaneous)

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