Inspiration (Motivational)

This is an uplifting, motivating and inspirational corporate track with fresh optimistic, confident and bright sound.

Performed with electric guitars, orchestral strings, piano, drums, percussion, shakers and more. This track has positive, warm, inspiring mood and clean, simple and light melody that will make your project unforgettable.

Perfect music for tv advertising, show, radio broadcasting, films, marketing media, vlog, commercial, corporate use, movie trailers, youtube, business and inspiring travel videos, web advertisement, games, visuals and family videos, applications, background theme for corporate, successful, motivational presentations, commercials.

This package includes the following files:
– Inspiration (Main Track) – this is the main version of the track.

– Inspiration (Quiet, No Compression) – original quiet version of the track without final processing (e.g. compression, limiting, etc).

Also there are mp3 versions of these files.

Thank you for moving forward with AudioTrend!

Download Inspiration (Motivational)

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