Helicopter Hover and Move Game Kit (Game Sounds)

This game kit will give you some simple tools to get sound on your helicopter. These have all been created with games in mind so everything will loop flawlessly! Below you will find a chart that will visually explain how these files work together.

Track List

  1. Helicopter – Engine Accelerate: 0:01 (Activate)
  2. Helicopter – Engine Decelerate: 0:02 (Deactivate)
  3. Helicopter – Engine Fade In: 0:02 (Turn On)
  4. Helicopter – Engine Fade Out: 0:03 (Turn Off)
  5. Helicopter – Engine Forward: 0:03 (Loop)
  6. Helicopter – Engine Hover: 0:02 (Idle Loop)

Other Tips

Make sure all files always play back-to-back flawlessly (like a playlist), any gaps from one file to the next will create undesired pops. Keep in mind meta data is encoded at the beginning of mp3s, this can leave gaps when trying to loop. Wav files (that are included) are the best route to go in most cases, as they are uncompressed data. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I’m not a programmer but I have created many specs for them and I’ll do my best to help! :)

Download Helicopter Hover and Move Game Kit (Game Sounds)

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