Future Movie Trailer (Sci-Fi, Fantasy)

This is an intense score that can be used in any trailer, film, game, new product, video intro, etc. This goes especially well with anything that has a tech or science fiction theme. This package contains both a “full song” version and also files sliced so you can loop various parts or interchange intros. This will allow you to be more flexible with this piece in your project.

Track List

  1. Full Version: 0:39
  2. Intro – Original Version: 0:09
  3. Intro – Short Version: 0:01
  4. Main Loop: 0:18
  5. Outro: 0:11

When using any of the cut-up parts, just make sure there are no gaps between tracks and everything will loop and sound flawless! Your best bet is to use wav files for looping, as mp3s tend to not loop well because of meta data encoded on the beginning of them. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Download Future Movie Trailer (Sci-Fi, Fantasy)

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