Positive Business (Motivational)

Fresh corporate track.
Perfect for your media projects!

Instruments used to make this fresh track: clean guitar harmonics, a cool muted guitar rhythm, piano, a strong bass, some punchy drums, strings and some chillout pad sounds.

Three versions:
Main version (Length: 2:33)
Shorter version (Length: 2:15)
Loop version (Length 1:52)

You can hear first the shorter version in the preview, and then the main version (starts at 2:16).

You’ll find the best use for it with inspirational, happy and upbeat cheerful motivational video projects, uplifting and optimistic, motivational corporate business and product advertisements, commercials, presentations, slideshows, YouTube videos, makings ofs, info-graphics, documentaries, Features, photography and wedding production, viral marketing, beautiful children, life and travel videos, makeup and beauty guru videos, vlogs, TV and radio media production and any other types.

Music is our passion. Making you happy is our satisfaction.

We bring you fresh, good, inspiring, happy, clean, cool, modern music every week!

Have fun on our portfolio! :)

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