Big Impact Pack (Sound Packs)

High quality Impact Pack, contains 20 impacts made from orchestra percussion, drums, toms, electronic and glitch elements.
List of sounds:
Big Impact 0:08
Broken Impact 0:12
Burning Impact 0:17
Cinematic Metal Impact 0:07
Dark Impact 0:06
Dark Metal Impact 0:07
Electronic Burning Impact 0:06
Electronic Impact 0:08
Engine Impact 0:08
Explosion Impact 0:08
Hybrid Impact 0:08
Metal Impact 0:07
Metal Impact 2 0:08
Metal Shard Impact 0:08
Mystic Metal Impact 0:09
Power Impact 0:07
Wind Metal Impact 0:08
Uplifter Impact 0:08
Orchestra Metal Impact 0:07
Deep Electronic Impact 0:08

All files are included in *.mp3 and *.wav format.

Download Big Impact Pack (Sound Packs)

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